Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What is Your True Worth?

Some of us have made dreadful mistakes which we regret.
We may hide the details of our darkest secrets
until one day the light of truth shines on it.
But after it all, are we still worth something?

Who determines our true worth,
in-spite of anything in us worth despising?

Even the most loving people have less attractive qualities.
Perhaps they are shy & fearful,
afraid to risk anything professionally,
and so they earn little income
contributing only a small sum to the economy & their family.
Are they still valuable in our world today?

Perhaps a woman was once addicted to sex with strangers,
or a man returned home from war with deep emotional scars.
Maybe a kid robbed a bank at nineteen,
or a retired couple lost everything
now relying solely on taxpayers for support.
Can Christ still love Them or even You for that matter??

Jesus came so that we may all come to know His love.
Christ loves the Jew, and the Christian.
He loves the sinner, and the criminal.
He loves the homosexual, the transvestite, and the virgin.
God sent His Son to show His love for the entire world.
Want to see a short list?

Jesus loves:
the Buddhist, Muslim, and Hindu.
He loves the broken and lost, as well as the faithful.
He loves those with both light skin and dark.
He loves the children and the elderly,
the crippled, deaf, and mute.
He loves the rich and the poor,
the democrat, republican, and undecided.
And He loves You, no matter what.

Jesus didn’t come to further separate us,
but to unite us All in His loving-kindness & mercy.

Our true worth is given by Christs love for us all,
and not by the ‘things’ which separate us.

Can you accept Gods love for everyone,
even You?

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