Thursday, April 19, 2012

4 Days of Confession: Day Four - Refusing God

The car accident which sent me to prison
(you can read more about it by clicking HERE)
is slightly different than what I wrote about yesterday,
yet the part about my pridefulness is still the main point.
The difference is... I patently refused God.

He gave me instructions ‘not to drive’,
and I told Him I didn’t need to trust in His advice,
because I had figured things out already
and had made plans on my own.

Do you see a trend here? 

  • God talks to me, I deny Him.
  • New issues arise, I refuse to seek God.
  • I make plans on my own, leaving God out.
  • A disaster unfolds, and people get hurt.

The results?
My friendship with God suffers.
Two people are injured.
Our vehicles are irreparably damaged.
A city light pole is torn down.
Money is spent on repairs and medical bills.
Suffering occurs to my direct victims, and those indirectly affected;
my family, friends, co-workers, customers, neighbors, and still more.
And I am incarcerated for nearly eighteen months.

When did it all begin?
Although I heard God speak, then laughed because-
‘why would God speak to me’?!?
It started before all this...
it happened when I quit seeking God before everything!

By not seeking God, I was subtly refusing Him.

Then when He spoke to me, I was too surprised to listen.
So I ignored Him. Minimizing His influence in my life.
Yet in all this there is one area where I claim no victory...
I never blame God for what happened.
Because He was there when I needed Him.
Before, during, and after.
He showed up...
but it was me who was absent.

Is the God of all creation waiting for you to return to Him?


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