Monday, April 16, 2012

4 Days of Confession: Day One - My Part in the Great Story

There are times in my life when I have looked at God,
and all that He is doing in the world and throughout history,
but only as a spectator sport.
In the ‘stands’ I sit,
waving and cheering on the ‘superstar’ I know and love.
I profess out loud, “Way to go God!”
But I did little else.
It seemed great that God was working in peoples lives,
that Christ was redeeming the lost,
but instead of seeing my place in the story,
I would ask, “what does it have to do with me?”

Have you ever wondered about your part in the story of Christ?


Have you seen the lives of changed people around you,
but walked away feeling untouched yourself?
Or perhaps you see no one being ‘healed’ or ‘saved’,
and thus conclude that, “Nothing truly changes.”

Real “change” may be the most difficult thing we face in life
because it forces us to let go of what we know and are familiar with
trusting God to replace our strength, control, and experience,
with something foreign.... faith in Him to do what is important.

You and I can say there is nothing happening in our lives,
but the truth is... perhaps we aren’t allowing God “in”,
to use us, and speak to us in new ways.

When you see someone who claims to have known healing from God,
do you ask them how it happened?
And if you do ask, what do you do next??
Do you repeat the steps you just learned,
or do you walk away, muttering to yourself, “I am Not going to do that!”

Taking a step in faith requires us to first let go of what we ‘think’ we know to be true,
and instead give up the expected outcome to God.

When I let go of my own desires for a particular result,
I often see Gods hand in new ways that I never imagined.

My prison sentence was a expected to be completely painful
yet I learned to anticipate a new outcome from God,
and now I see the wonderful blessings that followed,
but only because I did what others before me had done;
I gave up my way of doing things,
and allowed God to have complete control.

I became a part of the story,
by looking for and living out Christ right where I was.

Where can you be a part of the story?

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