Wednesday, April 18, 2012

4 Days of Confession: Day Three - My Pride Opposes Faith

It is my nature to control things,
even attempting with matters I dont completely understand.
Still other times I feel as if I am walking beside God,
and we have become friends.

But when something ‘comes-up’,
I tell Him, “I have to go take care of this”,
and I rush off to try and manage the event,
never hearing what my friend says,
nor even stopping to listen.
Is this something you do as well?

Thinking we can ‘handle things’ on our own
Means taking them away from God.

Our pride asserts its ugly head, because...
we haven’t completely learned to trust Him.
And yet sometimes, events get worse
so that when we foul them up
we may be in deeper trouble than when it began.

In the time before my prison sentence began,
there was six months of trials and legal proceedings,
during which I had to learn to completely rely on God.
I couldnt control what the DA would do,
if my victims would recover,
the outcome of the trial,
whether I would keep my job,
lose my house, my wife, or my life.

I had to rely on God to protect me
from physical harm as I knew no one in prison,
and was not part of any group or gang.
We had to rely on God to provide for us then, and now,
in finances, health, and our day to day spirits.

I had to give up my control every day to God,
because I could do nothing to change the circumstances I was in.

And He provided more than enough.
God blessed us with everything we needed,
even if it was not what we wanted.

Can you learn to set down your need for control
to instead let God provide the way?

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