Tuesday, April 17, 2012

4 Days of Confession: Day Two - The Complexity of the Bible

There are times in my life when the bible seems to me
a big “instruction manual”
for a system too big for me to operate
much less make repairs to.

So, not understanding where I “fit in”
I close it(the bible) and then walk on by
because I don’t know where to begin
nor how I can use it in a practical way for my life.

Do you ever find yourself confused by the bible?
If so, what do you do about it??

In the past, I did one thing, and I did it well!
I did nothing.
The bible sat there unopened
and I didn’t even attempt to pick it up.
It seemed to me that if I couldn’t understand it...
then maybe I wasn’t supposed to
since it was too difficult to clearly comprehend.
You know what happens then? Nothing. 

When I dont make an effort to better understand the bible

then I struggle to understand God and how He fits into my life.

The first time you wanted to learn how to operate a computer
who did you turn to for help?
Was it a teacher or librarian? A friend? A parent, or even a child?
Any of these are fine, but here is the catch:
You gained insight from all of them,
and learn even more by doing.

Each of us can study on our own,
but it takes considerable time to get far.
Then later we may find out from someone else
an easier way to do the same ‘task’.
Yet while that person is knowledgeable,
we may need further instruction from additional people
until we become proficient enough to operate the ‘computer’ alone.
And it is the same with learning the bible...
we need help from other people who know more than ourselves.

  1. This can come from ‘one-on-one’ study and mentoring,
  2. reading a “study-bible” on your own,
  3. being part of a ‘study-group’
  4. or by finding a trusted resource for ‘daily-devotionals’.

My two favorites are:

  • The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, and
  • the Life Application Study Bible by Zondervan.

There are others good resources available too, such as ‘Our Daily Bread’,
which can be read daily online, or in a booklet form that is mailed to you for free!

However, nothing beats sharing the word with other believers
who can help us in real time to understand what they heard
so we can reflect and ask questions.

How will you make an effort to study God’s Word, the bible?

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