Monday, April 23, 2012

4 Days of Confession: The Wrap-Up

Last week I wrote about confessions I wanted to make
about my past struggles in walking with God.


  • Day 1- Be a part of Gods story,
    • no longer “sitting in the stands”, watching things happen.
    • There are many places where I can join in the story God has unfolding everyday in the world.
  • Day 2- Learning the bible,
    • reading directly from the bible can be confusing; find a new way to learn what it all means! Perhaps use a study bible and read the notes, or find a different translation to compare wording.
    • Dislike reading? Find a mentor, or a small group with whom we can discuss the facts and issues, then how to apply what we learn to our daily lives.
  • Day 3- Letting go of my pride,
    • admit first that I dont have all the right answers, nor do I have most of them!
    • Leanr to let go of my need to control things. Then,
    • Stop. Listen. Seek God’s guidance through prayer, or the wise counsel of a trusted advisor.
  • Day 4- Trusting God,
    • means I seek God AND act on what He guides me toward.
    • Rather than doubting what God tells me, I believe it, then move forward in faith.
    • To hear God, then deny Him, or fail to act on what He tells me, means I want to trust myself more than Him - attempting to make me my own god who doesnt need to listen to anyone.
  • Summary- no matter what you have done in the past, you are not stuck there! God wants us to confess our sin. The result is better than we can imagine. When we confess and seek forgiveness, we become free from the heavy burden of carrying our sinfulness everywhere we go, and instead allow healing to begin. We can regain trust from others, and can rebuild our self-esteem when we work towards making things new in the freedom Christ gives us.


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