Thursday, April 5, 2012

Coming To God Daily

How do we “come to Him”...
when He is spiritual and without physical form?

Because we cannot normally “sense” God,
or experience Him through the our outside world,
doesn’t mean he isnt here today with us.

I cannot hear the heat of the sun,
nor can I taste the wind,
but I can see a kite fly and know it has been blown,
I can step on cement and feel its warmth from the sun,
and I can look upon the deceased body of my father in his casket -
knowing by feeling or intuition that “he” is no longer inside it.

What does it mean to “come” to God daily?
Coming to Him signifies that we make Him a priority,
thinking on God regularly throughout our day.

We can do this many different ways:
First, by reading our bible,
Praying out loud - or silently,
Meditating on God by reciting bible verses.
It can be an internal peace which comes over us
when we give access to the Holy Spirit.
Second, it can appear in the hope of a friend
who has spoken the life-affirming words of Christ
we so desperately need to hear. 

Making time for God signifies my availability -

to use my life as He wishes.

This next Sunday is Easter,
and my testimony will be shown on the “big-screen” at church.
It implies that one part of my life has noticeably changed
becoming a regular occurrence others can witness,
but for which I am far from perfect...

I daily attempt to give up my “nature”

to instead live by “Gods Grace”.

My nature is sinful and self-centered,
Christ grace in me is affirming of others.

The purpose of “coming to God” is for His light to shine more
in a world that desperately needs His love.


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