Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How Do We Expect Christ To Show Us His Love?

In your life, do you believe it when people say they love you?
And if you hear it today,
will you remember it tomorrow,
or will you need to hear it again?
But then, is hearing it adequate??
Or will you need something more substantial to believe it?

Christ died once for all mankind, but...

was that enough for you?

Would we ask God to prove Himself over & over again,

by showing us every day how much He loves us? 

How many of us question the validity of Gods “words”,
to then ‘demand’ His action?

An example: “If God loves me, He would make me rich.”
Or, “If God loved me, I would never have lost my dearest family member.”
And more personally, “why must I suffer, if God loves me so?

Similar to yesterdays post; “How should God show Himself to us?”
these questions bring a stark realization,
that my definition of How God does things...
often makes it ALL About Me.

When I struggle, I have a choice in how to live;
Will I blame God, then run away from His calling on me?
Or will I praise God, and prepare for whatever He brings my way?

This past week, I have been struggling physically.
Without too many details, I believe I am under attack by Satan,
because this coming Easter Sunday will be a big day in my life.
(more details follow tomorrow)
Do I believe God has left me? NO.
When I walked through prison for nearly eighteen months,
I never doubted Christ was anywhere but right beside me,
or carrying me when I was too weak.

When you are faced with hardship,
how do You come to the same understanding?
Practice coming back to God.

Try any, or all of these methods:
Recall your previous blessing, then sing praise to God.
Read scripture out loud to God.
Pray openly to Him about your struggles.
Write down your challenges, asking Christ for direction.
Seek others who know God, then ask for their wisdom.

Complaining and doing nothing to bring us closer to Him
makes it difficult to see how God loves us. 

Find new ways to express yourself to Him.

Practice having a relationship with God.



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