Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How Should God Show Himself To Us?

Many of us fail to see the beauty of Christ’s story.
The story of the bible confounds us.
The beginning is... somewhat confusing.
The chosen people seem... unworthy.
The time between events feels... too lengthy.
The story of Gods love... looks awfully ugly.


If you were God, how would you choose to share yourself?

We have been given a choice,
to believe in God,
that His love for us is sufficient,
and to love Him in return.

But, because we have a choice,
do we see how any other story would be...
perhaps even more difficult to believe?
Here is my simple point...
we often ask why God doesn’t show Himself,
yet if He did... would we find once was enough?
Or would we require Him to come back tomorrow,
and again the next day, and the day after that?

As a married man, I believe my wife loves me.
However, if she was to leave town tomorrow,
I wouldn’t doubt her love for me,
even if she wasn’t here to say & show it.

So why do we feel God must prove Himself?

When a magician does a trick,
I normally want to see another.
And once is never enough.
Because tomorrow I will want to see a new one
to believe the person truly has “magic”.
But then it becomes less about the person,
and more about what they will do for me today,
and I may never truly appreciate him.

What did God leave us with?
A story, of those who believed,
and His love for us all.

Would you ask God prove Himself to every person on earth each day?

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