Wednesday, April 25, 2012


How are you identified?
Is there one word that ‘sums you up’?
What about a “grouping classification
that compares you with others who may be similar?

When I grew up in New Orleans,
the term ‘African-American’ was unheard of.
There, if a Haitian born neighbor was called ‘African’
it would be offensive to their caribbean upbringing.
It is easy to make a mistake,
but often we ‘label’ someone because we are too lazy to care.

Once, I worked with a man from Brazil,
whose native language was Portuguese.
He spoke little english, and asked the government for help
because as a ‘minority’, he struggled to find work.
Yet the government denied him
because of the ‘fair-colored’ skin he inherited,
saying he resembled any caucasian man.

At the same time, if you call me ‘Caucasian American’,
I will will glance around to see who you are referring to.

Dont put people in a ‘prison’ of false identity.
Instead, try to see people one of two ways: 

  1. As they can be;
  2. and, as a redeemed child of God.

I matters not if you are male or female,
young or old, sinful, criminal, heavy-set,
‘inked’ or pierced, missing body parts,
or too ill to leave a bed.
You belong to God,
and we are both His children.
Any other identity separates us from one another,
rather than unifying us in the blood of Christ.

What identity do you need to release,
to take hold of a new one In Jesus?


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