Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Purpose for Your Life

Yesterday I threw out a challenge about ‘Identification’
and how it can separate us more from one another
than it actually brings us together.

As a Christian, this concept is difficult
because we tend to think of people as ‘saved’ or ‘un-saved’.
And while this characteristic is important,
I think it impedes the second purpose for our life.
In my mind, there are two clear “purposes”, and they are: 

  1. To love the Lord your God, and
  2. to love your neighbor as yourself.

The first purpose is about our relationship with God.
It is the most important.
When we struggle with co-workers or family,
it is often because we miss this - getting our heart right with God.

The crazy thing is, when I set aside time for Him...
I get better at performing my other duties.
My job is more clear,
and I can focus on the important things with improved clarity.

The second purpose is about my relationship with people.
This means two things:

  • One, I must learn to love myself as Christ loves me, then
  • Two, I will know how to love others better, as Christ loves them.

Notice the subtlety here? I must learn to love myself.
This makes our relationships more complex.

If we have difficulty loving ourselves,
how then are we to love others?

To keep this brief today,
I will wrap up this post without un-packing it too much.
Here goes...

Loving others, no matter their ‘Identification’,
means we must learn to see everyone first -
as children of God.
This includes You and Me.
Our first purpose is to see ourselves as belonging to Him!

When we learn to do this, it is easier to come to God daily.
When I realize we ALL belong to Him,
I dont struggle to accept others as much,
because I have learned to embrace Gods adoption of me.

It is a HuGe concept, and it can take time to unpack.
So here is the big ‘connecting-point’;
we are all loved not because of who we are
but because of who Christ is -
Our God and Redeemer!
And in Him... we have Purpose for Life!

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