Monday, April 2, 2012

What Do We All Have In-Common?

Do you have fears?
Would you consider that other people share the same fears?

Do you have dreams for the future?
Are your dreams different from those of all other people?

If we ALL share the same, or similar fears...
and we ALL hope for the same, or a similar future,
could that mean, deep down 
that we are all connected?

And if we each have something in common
could we begin to look past our differences
to instead embrace our similarities?

Does a righteous man have any fears?
What about a criminal, or a sinner?
Maybe its the fear of being alone,
or somehow feeling worthless in this life.
Perhaps you have hopes of a better future.
Does the man who fails today, 
have reason to expect any improvement tomorrow?

Even if the people next to you at work, 
in traffic, at school, shopping, and at church, 
all have dissimilar desires than yours
we each share in one commonality...
we are all loved by our creator God.

Social scientists say that every human 
has two identical traits:

  1. to avoid pain (for ourselves)
  2. to seek (our own) pleasure

Do you agree?
If so, then perhaps that is why we struggle
with the sacrifice Christ made for us...

to willingly take on great pain
to then give pleasure away to God
by being the offering of sin for all mankind.

Our Father in heaven cares deeply for each of us,
even if we may never completely understand
what it means to give up so much
for someone we know so little.

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