Tuesday, April 24, 2012

When I grow in Relationship with God...

Making time for God is often difficult.
There are deadlines, expectations from others,
time constraints, responsibilities, emergencies,
fatigue, illness, hunger, driving to meetings,
and my own desire to ‘unwind’ from everything.

Yet the first thing to “go” in all this ‘busyness’
is often my personal time with God.

One thing I value highly is my alone time,
and sometimes that means I neglect time for God.
So as a result, you know what suffers?
Everything & Everyone!

I suffer, because there is additional stress to perform.
My personal relationships suffer because
I am not really focusing on them,
but instead on my next ‘task’.
My work suffers, because it is my pride that tries to take-over,
instead of relying on God for inspiration.
However, when I make time to grow in my relationship with God...

I am a better husband & father,

a better friend,

I am a better co-worker & neighbor,

a better leader, writer, & mentor.

When I make time to focus on my relationship with God,
everything else falls into perspective,
and I come to know peace.
I find wisdom comes more naturally because it is given me by God,
and I am in a better place to hear & receive it.

How could Your life improve in a better relationship with God?

(Yesterday was a frustrating day for me with technology.
Our entire neighborhood, and two nearby ‘areas’
were without internet connectivity.
So the post for today was delayed. Sorry!)

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