Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Birthday Plan

Birthdays hold a mix of emotions for many people.
Today is my birthday.
My wife has already “surprised” me
with an early cake and decorations.
Yet at the same time, birthdays for her are mostly, well...
a letdown.

In the reality of life, people forget.
We get busy with ‘other things’,
and the thoughts of a particular birthday may get ‘crowded out’.

I have helped my wife on more than one occasion
to celebrate and make the most of her own,
yet it is not always easy.
The ‘expectation’ goes missing,
and the people we thought cared most
well, they didnt seem to on that day.

Does that imply they dont really care about us?
Does it mean they are forgetful?
Or does the expectation signify something else about ourselves?
Do we have unhealthy prospects about other people?

When people dont do what we hope for,
it can leave us with much doubt,
about ourselves, them, the world,
and I am reminded of one thing more than any other:
to expect from anyone else
what only God can give
is a false expectation put forth by satan.

Satan whispers to us that our family and friends should remember.
Or he tells us that we are not as popular as we thought.
That our lives have less meaning, value, and worth to others.

Here is the thought for today:
People matter, and so do their birthdays.
Yet forgiveness is important, as is grace.
Learn to let go of expectations.
Show more grace.
Allow more love to develop inside for what you have today.

Whatever happens today
that doesn’t meet your needs, or desires,
let it go.

This moment is temporary.
Holding on to disappointment keeps you from future joy
by poisoning your thoughts, and limiting your ability for happiness and love.

Whether your birthday this year is memorable or miserable,
plan now to enjoy the one next year.
Just let go of the idea that it has to be perfect!

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