Thursday, May 17, 2012

Don't Come To My Funeral

Recently I had lunch with an old friend.
He asked me one question of importance...
Zack, why do you do it?
Why do you bother to help these people,
the ones who can never ‘pay you back’?” 

He qualified his question with the now popular ideas of:
leaving a legacy, and building a following. 

Here’s the thing;
what I do may have little meaning here on earth
especially for anyone who is not a “believer”,
so my reward will come in heaven,
and may not bring about anything in my lifetime. 

Why do You do what you do?
Is it to make more money?
Cant take it with you when you die.
Is it for fame? That passes away quickly.
Is it for power? Then you will always be fighting to preserve it.
Is it for a legacy? A building with your name on it?? 

My opinion here is clear and may seem harsh,
but each of these are about your own self-importance.

I dont care about a building with my name on it,
or a legacy that leaves people speaking about me
for years after my death.

If my grandchildren occasionally remember me
until the day they go to meet their maker in heaven,
then that is enough of a legacy for me. 

My main reason for living is to further Christ’s kingdom.

To glorify Him,

and to help other find hope in His offer of salvation.

It is the only thing I do of any real value.

Within two seconds after I die,
I wont be focused on you on anyone else I left behind.
My knees will bow before the King,
the one true God - Jesus the Christ,
and all I will desire is to hear from Him,
“Well done, good and faithful servant.”

So if you hear of my passing from this life,
unless you are a family member,
please dont come to my funeral.
And dont waste your money sending flowers.

If you truly wish to do something,
then I you to respect my wish in one of two things: 

  1. offer to help my family in some way.
    1. Not immediately,
    2. wait- Then, show up when its needed most.
    3. Mow the lawn, cook a meal, repair the roof, etc.
  2. make a financial donation to a charity.
    1. one of my favorites is Big Brothers/Big Sisters,
    2. or find one of your own,
    3. then volunteer there at least once a year.

Then live your life as Christ would have you.
Thats the BEST investment I can hope for in the future!



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