Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Is Our Suffering Fair? Part 1

This may seem redundant to say or write, but...
Everybody suffers.

There is no one in the history of the world
who has not suffered from some form of loss.

Some suffer from the hate of others,
some from hunger, fear, or want of meaning in life.
How a person suffers may look different to you or me,
and we may attempt to ‘judge’ their experience
as either real or trivial depending on our interpretations,
but what they undergo has a quality of pain
which we can never fully appreciate in our own skin.

Abraham Lincoln suffered repeated losses in politics,
running for a number of official positions,
and from what I understand,
he lost each until he made a run for President.
What if his suffering caused him to give up & quit?
What if he lost confidence in himself?
What if he gave in to despair or depression,
then hid himself from the world?

We know the poor suffer from lack of food, housing & clothing,
but the rich often suffer from lack of personal fulfilment & loneliness.
Yet most of us feel sorry for one, and not the other.
I have seen a rich man envy the poor man with a large family,
and yet I have seen the same poor man long for one day as the rich.

Could it be we misunderstand why we suffer?

If suffering is part of what the world has always known,
how small are our minds to believe we can be separated from it?

Beethoven was a famous musical composer,
yet even after becoming completely deaf...
he continued to compose & perform music.
How is this possible?
Couldn’t he see his own limitations and just give up??

If God has a plan for you,
do you think ANY complication
will ever keep you from overcoming it?

Suffering may never seem fair,
but wouldn’t it be more accurate to think it unfair
if we alone never experienced it?

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