Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Joy of Our Success is meant to be Shared

Yesterday, I wrote about heaven’s joy sung aloud
over one soul who accepts Christ’s redemption.
Its a beautiful story of the “family” coming together
to celebrate the new life of another!
Here is a catch I think we somehow forget...

withholding part of our lives from one another

denies others the ability to share in our joy

and even in our struggles.

Have you ever had a friend who withholds their love from you?
If so, they normally aren’t our friends for very long.
But what about those of us who had family which did this?
They get angry and withdraw their love,
or somehow fear to show love at all
because they think we may expect too much later.

Last week I learned of a friend who has prostate cancer.
He didn’t want to share this news with us - our mens group,
But this day he felt compelled,
in spite of the fact that he had avoided telling others.
You see, he was fearful,
thinking we would make it a big deal,
making him more uncomfortable than he already was.
But you know what this truly does?
It makes people question where they stand in your life.

I understand the fear to share bad news.
I didn’t want to tell anyone
when I had been arrested for my drunk driving accident.
And I know it is difficult to see someone we care for struggle,
whether through a painful divorce,
a gut-wrenching bankruptcy,
the death of a family member,
or a physical illness.
Yet when we care for others in their darkest times,
it is because we know the value of walking beside them in the ‘valley’.

The valley may lead to their death, but the big part is...
I do it because I don’t want them to feel alone.
AND, I want to be there at the victory!
I want to celebrate when the cancer is gone.
I want to shout in joy when the prison sentence is over.
I want to watch the new person emerge from their struggles,
to conquer addictions, overcome despair, and earn a paycheck again.
And I want to be with them even when their life “here” is over.

When our time on earth is complete,
I want to praise God that this person is in heaven with Him!

Dont be selfish.
Share your life's events with others.
Because we are not meant to live alone,
but to live our faith with other brothers and sisters in Christ!

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