Thursday, May 10, 2012

Living in Guilt, Rather than Forgiveness

Almost every man I know
has something hidden deep inside
that keeps him from walking
in the Freedom of Christ’s forgiveness.

We understand what Forgiveness means;
we have learned to both forgive others,
and that Christ died for the sins of all mankind,
but we fail to completely accept it for ourselves,
or to even give ourselves the mercy we need.

When I hear someone say,
“I know Christ forgave my sins,
I just have a hard time receiving it for myself.”
“I just cannot give this up. I don’t know how to...
plus, I don’t think God will do it!”
It implies we know something God does not,
a fact or detail that would keep Him from pardoning us.

Satan loves this.
Satan wins when we continue to beat ourselves up
for anything which Christ has died to absolve us from.
We then end up doing satan’s job for him,
thereby undermining anything Christ wants to do in our lives,
because we are preoccupied with remorse and guilt,
no matter how well hidden by ‘good-deeds’
or ignored by keeping busy and avoiding it.

You want to know the worse part?
We set ourselves up as our own god.
By deciding we know better than God.
Thinking we know more about our sins than He does.
By believing the lie that God isn’t capable of ‘overcoming’ this one.

Is God ALL Powerful?
Is He ALL knowing?
Can Christ tell a lie?

Either Christ has died to forgive ALL sin,
or His purpose for living was a falsehood-
a deceitful untruth meant to harm us.
But it cannot be both.

Do you believe that which Jesus claims?
Then use these words to acknowledge it aloud today:

I am forgiven.

Christ has taken away all my sin,

I walk in freedom today

because I claim the victory in Christ Jesus!


And your guilt is gone,
to be replaced by the joy only God can give,
with a new life of peace, and purpose!

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