Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day - 2012

Today is an American holiday
dedicated to the memory of those who have fallen
serving our country in the military.

I like to honor God on Sunday as a day of ‘rest’,
and to focus on Him & family.
Today I will do the same, but for our fallen heroes.

This post is purposefully brief and to the point:
We NEED to remember those who have gone before us,
and have ‘fallen’ to protect our freedoms.
Not just for Americans,
but in every country where freedom is withheld.

We also need to recognize those
who have died or been permanently injured,
but have only served here at home,
Although they may never have stepped onto a battlefield,
they have been forever changed by the training required
to keep our country safe, and our freedoms intact...
Heroes all.

Thank You.

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