Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Our Limitations on God’s Blessings.

“Because we ignore or doubt God, we often miss His blessings.”
I am unsure who originally came up with this thought or saying,
but it tells me something important about myself -
my limited understanding minimizes God’s blessings in my life.

In the past, when I have struggled with something
I have questioned God, and His ability to “manage” my life.
Does He truly know whats best for me?
Does He really care?
Is God there? Or is He ignoring my plight??
These questions are all too real for many of us.
And yet here is what I have learned;
if I focus on my doubts... they prevail,
but if I think about His blessings to come...
I see them more often, and more clearly!

When my finances are tight, do I look for ways to save,
and then expect God to provide answers?
When my “work-life” struggles,
do I seek ways God may be showing me something new?
If my relationships are suffering,
do I ask God to show me how to learn better ways of communication?
Then the patterns of my life change to one of belief, and
I can live in great anticipation of what God will reveal!

As one example, my wife and I recognized a need to reduce our bills.
We prayed for God to show us where we could make budget cuts,
and we began seeking ways to reduce our expenses.
Not every effort has produced “fruit”, but some have!
We completely eliminated two bills,
and reduced our exposure on two more.
The process hasn’t been pain free,
but it has allowed us to have $150 more each month
without additional income coming in.
Now- we tithe more, save more, and pay more debt.
But here is the catch: We sought God first,
and expected Him to show us a way.

The first efforts didn’t amount to a positive result,
yet we didnt give in.
We trusted God to show us Something,
and He was faithful to provide.

Are you limiting Gods blessings in your life
by refusing to trust Him to show you what He has for you?
It may not be what you expect,
but it can often be better!
Try. Trust in God to provide!
Then look for Him to reveal His ways to you.

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