Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Re-Setting My Goals & Priorities

My daughter is sick today,
so the last thing I want to do
is watch her be sick.
I want her to get better!

Aside from that, I have ‘work’ to do.
So instead, priorities get moved around,
deadlines and goals get changed.

Today though, my goal is my daughter,
not this blog, nor any meeting.
And thats how life works sometimes.
I may apologize for missing an appointment,
but I will not apologize for putting my family first.

Here is a hard truth:
Some days, you need to push through the “garbage”,
focus on the goal - and push through to the end.
Other days, the important ‘stuff’ changes.

I may ‘risk-it-all’ for one or the other...
the love of my family,
or the ‘work’ that needs done.
But in the end, I will do both.
The tough part is knowing which to put first today.

‘Fires’ often creep up and need extinguished,
but sometimes another person can do that just as well.

When you are unsure what to do, pray.
Let God guide you.
If you cannot hear Him
regarding the issues you face today,
then stop and make a list
of the issues He wants you to focus on
for the remainder of your life.

When you are done with this list,
you will likely know what is most important for today.

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