Monday, May 7, 2012

Related to One Another through Hope & Despair - Part One

What similarities do you share with a criminal,
with a sinner, or with an average person?

I often tell people that which I learned most
after coming home from prison
was that people all over the world
have more in common than we think.

We believe everyone is separated by geography,
by color, religion, economics, and social standing,
so therefore we are too different from one another
to ever make any significant connection.
This is a lie from satan, who wants us to all be alone and hurting,
because then we are more vulnerable to his influence.
But here is the truth... 

Each of us has a dream inside, even if it has been repressed.

And, we have all known some amount of pain and sorrow in life.

The people I know who have gone through recovery
for any type of addiction or suffering,
whether for depression, compulsive spending, chemical dependence,
overeating, power, co-dependency, or a painful loss,
one thing in recovery percolates to the top...
when we have nothing left to lose, we begin to get REAL.

When we hide the pain of our past,
and the hurts we are currently going through
because we fear others will reject us,
we are often worse off than before.
Sometimes we even reject others first,
before anyone has the chance to get close to us.

Nobody wants to disclose their real fears and true feelings to a friend

and have them walk away. -Bill Perkins

Here’s a summary of what this looks like:

  • Have you ever felt so lonely that is was physically painful?
  • Has a situation been so tough you were unsure if you could make it through?
  • Have you failed miserably, certain no one would ever again accept you?
  • Has someone hurt you so bad that the experience made breathing difficult?

Now for the “qualifier”...
If this event (    fill in the blank    ) had never occurred, my life would be better.
If that person had (    fill in the blank    ), my life would look different today.

Want an example?
If my spouse wouldn't have left me...
If the authorities/my boss could have given me another chance...
If I hadn’t lost all our money...
If my father/mother/child wouldn’t have died, then...

Do you wish to connect more with other people?
First, learn about their struggles.
You may be surprised how similar their experience is to your own.


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