Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Related to One Another through Hope & Despair - Part Two

Recapping Part One -
Yesterday was about our Sorrows & Pain.
Although the cause may arise from a different source,
the result is the same... we hurt.
And in this together we share pain.

But today is about HOPE. 

We all have Hope for a tomorrow.

Hope for something very difficult to end,

and something better to begin.

Hope means that we believe. That we desire. That we trust.

Hope is important because without hope, we quit.

We stop fighting. We give up on our dreams.

We give up on our hope for more.

- Jeremy Statton

Hope gives us a reason to live for tomorrow.

What do you hope for most in life?
Guess what?
Someone else has a similar hope.
And in that Hope, you are both connected.
In that Hope, the world is a little smaller.

Even the rich person feels lonely,
perhaps hoping for one true friend in life.
The same is true for the poor boy or girl,
hoping for a friend who will accept them
in spite of their financial woes.

In prison, we all hoped for a new life once released.
In “the world”, I hear of people who hope for freedom,
freedom from debt, from addictions,
freedom from abusive relationships,
from poverty, illness, guilt,
freedom from their human body
because with age it no longer responds how we desire.
When you take the time to get to know someone,
it takes only two questions:

What sorrows have You known?

What do you hope for most?

The rest is filler. Details.
Sure, the details are important.
But less so than becoming familiar with anothers heart.

You are related to every person in the world through these two.
But until you ask you, are both an island unto yourself.
What makes us human is the connections we make.

If you had one hope for all mankind, what would it be?
What would your part be in it?

Connect. Relate.
Learn to see those whom you can know better,
and who in turn can know you better too.
Because we are all related...
and none of us - gets out of here alive!

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