Monday, May 21, 2012

Sinfully Discontent

The last of the Ten Commandments instructs us
not to covet that which is our neighbors(paraphrased).

What does covet mean?
To crave, desire, or lust.

In a world that likes to define only absolutes,
covetousness might read such as:
the excessive desire to acquire or possess.
Excessive cravings.
Excessive greed.
Excessive envy.

This type of definition leaves a large gray area,
especially for those behaviors where barriers currently stand.
The ones where “right & wrong” are clearly marked by ‘guardrails’,
yet we continue to ‘push’ these limitations
because we are ‘unsatisfied’.

But what if God wants us to find our fulfillment in Him?

If so, then our desire for more of anything other than God
could be seen as sinful.

In other words,
can we learn to be content with what we already have?

If “God’s best” is truly “good for us”,
and we have faith in Him,
that we are precisely where He wants us,
then why do we doubt what God has provided?

I may not like my car,
my job, my spouse, my house, my body,
my income level or social standing,
but if I truly believe in God
can I be satisfied with it?

Can I learn to love Him enough
that I accept Gods love
exactly as I receive it now?

If not, then do I question what He provides me?
As if I know better than God?
And dispute what I have as insufficient.

Then that makes me my own God,
and I am identical with Adam & Eve;
unhappy with what I already have,
sinfully discontent.

Is God enough for you?
Or do you lust for more?

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