Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Writing About Myself

When it comes to writing anything
I am not an Authority
except for that which I have known myself.

Yesterday I wrote about being ‘Sinfully Discontent’
because it is a place where I often find myself.

Satan whispers to me in a quiet voice-
telling me what I believe I want to hear;
that I deserve more.
More recognition.
More income.
More influence.
More respect.
More ability to discern Gods will.
To see His plans in my life,
and in the lives of others around me.

And herein lies the subtle lie:
that I am anywhere but where God wants me.
It is hard to believe that this is what God wants for me.
This is precisely where God can use me.
It is the exact place where I may need to be to learn.
And those things I “think” I am missing,
may not be the gifts God wants to bestow on me.

But when I am impatient...
When I am greedy...
When I am unhappy with where I am and what I have...
I look to satisfy myself in all the wrong ways.
Does this sound familiar to you?
Looking to alcohol & chemical substances.
Looking to self-empowerment.
Looking to achieve more.
Looking for people who ‘appreciate” me.
Looking to adrenaline.

When I believe the lie of satan,
I look for more of anything else,
which relieves the temporary discomfort
that I have “bought” from satan.

What am I learning to do instead?
Look to God - More.
Look to His instructions.
Look to the ‘blueprint’ Christ gave me for loving others.
Looking to give more of myself,
and in giving myself away more,
I learn more about who I truly am:
a new creation in Christ.
Learning to walk boldly in Him like never before.
And His joy follows!

Who will you become?

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