Friday, June 8, 2012

Facing Satan in Our Daily Lives - Part 2: Physical Distractions

Have you ever noticed that as you get closer to God
your body starts sending you signals of discomfort?

Lets say you have set aside time to read your bible,
the next thing you know, your body notifies you
of the need to bodily relieve yourself in the bathroom.
Is that weird? Does it happen often??
For me, almost every time.
And I take it as a sign from Satan...
that I am attempting to draw close to the Father,
and Satan is sending me messages of supposed urgency.
But what happens if I dont respond?
Will I “wet my pants”?
Or am I strong enough to wait the fifteen minutes while I continue reading?

Some of you may be thinking...
“But I cannot concentrate when I need to... GO!”

I believe this is another lie from satan,
because he wants to distract us from a relationship with God.
The chair becomes uncomfortable.
Our clothes are bunched up in strategic pinch points.
We become concerningly thirsty, or hungry.
But you and I both know that when we drive a car...
we must wait to do any of these until we reach our destination.
So what makes us think we are unable to do so
when spending time in the Word of God?

Think about the times when you wish to pray...
Are you ever too hot? Or cold?
Is it ever too windy or noisy in the room?
We can make a thousand excuses
to not make time for God
or even cut it short due to our physical discomfort,
but arent we glad Christ didnt find it too inconvenient
to die for us on the cross?

Make time.
And push through the discomfort.
Often, when the sensations comes, they aren’t life threatening.
But even when it is... thats when we need Him most!

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