Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Facing Satan in Our Daily Lives - Part 4: Family Distractions

In the last two posts, I have ‘unpacked’ a concept
of how Satan uses our physiology and surroundings
to distract us from growing closer in relationship with God.

Why would he do this?
To take our focus off of our salvation,
off of God’s call on our heart,
off of the ways in which Christ is calling us to live in the world.

Today though, is a tougher idea to approach:
the concept that our families can be a distraction from God,
and that Satan is using them specifically to do so.

My first supporting argument: my wife.
She is a strong, independent woman,
but for some reason, when I want to read God’s word
she has an undeniable urge to speak with me.
This is often a point of contention in our relationship.
yet when I explain to her why it is so important to me,
she understands easily, and wants to support this time by protecting it.
She has even encouraged me to leave the house
so I can read at a park, coffee house, or library.
But she also knows that when I do stay home...
this compulsive desire comes back,
and she feels unable to control it
at the cost of ‘whatever’ has come to her mind.
So what can we do?

Two things-
1) I ask her if the situation in an emergency, and
2) discuss what she would do if I were not home now.
This usually diffuses the issue until my time with God is complete.

My second supporting argument: my daughter.
While she cannot understand why I wont hold her
during the times in which I am reading
I know that my being home and praying
sets up an significant fact in her mind,
that her daddy only allows time with God to come between us.

My little angel is precious,
yet when she sees how important God is to me,
my hope is that she will somehow come to understand
His importance to her too.

I want to set an example for her.
I want to lead by seeking God first.
I want my family to know that I pursue God because
His answers are superior to my own,
and that they can come to rely on Him too.

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