Friday, June 15, 2012

Facing Satan in Our Daily Lives - Part 5: Poisonous Self-Talk

In the last few posts I have proposed the idea
that Satan tries to influence each of us daily
because of one thing he loves to do...
keep us distracted from growing with God.
Let me be clear,
I am no expert on either God or Satan,
but when I pray,
when I read the Bible,
when I discuss these concepts with other believers,
I find one thing very compelling;
that while Christ is actively pursuing us
through other believers and the Holy Spirit,
Satan is also pursuing us.
I believe Satan does this not because he loves us,
but because he loves himself so very much
that he wants to keep us from loving God the Father.
Another way I think he tries to accomplish this
is by telling us lies which we often choose to believe,
such as:
“I am too dirty to approach God. He would never accept me as I am now.”
- As if God could never like us, much less love us.
“God doesn’t listen to me, or atleast doesn’t want to.”
- Like I am an unimportant distraction to God.
Or the opposite:
“I am doing so well, I dont really need God in my life right now.”
- The lie that we can do “life” on our own.
These diversions keep us from the one thing God wants most;
for us to come to love Him, know Him, and trust Him.
When we are highly emotional, we cannot see God in our lives.
When we are overwhelmed with details, we cannot focus on Him.
When we are facing painful circumstances, the pain seems to big.
All of these are a ‘mental-fog’ that life here on earth brings us.
These are the instances that try our faith.

Will we continue to seek God when we struggle,
or will we allow ourselves to be too overwhelmed?

Why do I write about these things?
Because I have struggled with each of them.
I have doubted God’s love for me.
But I have also done so “well” that I doubted my need of Him.
And these are examples of the types of thinking
that led me to prison for my accident.
You can read more about that HERE.

But the point is this:
God loves me,
and He loves you.
He wont ever deny you.
He will always accept you.
You and I are His children.
And nothing can ever keep us from this truth!


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