Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day - 2012: The Good Dad

Whether or not you are a good dad,
none is perfect.
You may know of several good fathers,
but most of us know of more rotten ones.

Most children grow up to have emotional “issues”
that stem from an inadequate relationship with their father.
Few people will say they had an awesome dad, yet some do.
How do you and I - the average guys,
even come close to this idea of fatherhood?

First, recognize your limitations.
In other words, what’s keeping you from being a better dad?

As an example, you may serve in our country's military,
but you and I both know it makes being a dad difficult.
As does police, medical, and fire protection jobs.
Pilots are away from home alot, as are traveling businessmen,
and if you have spent time in prison as I have,
then you know your status as a father is questionable.

So, we know time away from home
can keep us being the dads our children truly need.
What do we do about it?

Second, make time specifically for them.
So you cannot cut out of work early to attend the music recital;
thats OK.
But make time for the kids in your life, and do it right away.
Set a date on the calendar, and then stick to it!

If you have been divorced, or in prison, then it will take more effort.
You have the rest of your life
to make up for what you have been unable to do up to now.
Start today.
Don’t try to be perfect.
Just be a father who admits your mistakes,
then work to heal and rebuild the relationship.

When we were younger men,
we may have made fools of ourselves to win the woman's heart.
Do it again for your kids!
And keep doing it, no matter the cost to your pride or ego.

As a dad, I am far from perfect.
I make plenty of mistakes.
Yet I also apologize, then set aside time
to be the dad my daughter needs.
Because I love being a father!
Learn to love it yourself,
even if your dad was not so great.

If I never have a son of my own
to be a model of what a ‘good father’ can look like,
I will do it for the other young men around me to see.
Not for my own sake, but for their kids,
and to honor our Father in Heaven,
because He showed me what Fatherly love truly is!

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