Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hired! (for Free)

If you have ever been out of work for an extended period of time
then you understand how difficult it can be to find a new job.

I have had two long periods of unemployment in my life.
One came after my employer of over five-years laid me off.
Undoubtedly it came as a surprise,
which can cause anyone considerable emotional distress.
So what do we do with the unexpected free time we now have?
Catch up on sleep.
Read & watch television.
Spend more time with family.
But after that... then what??

Most of us begin to look for work the ‘old-fashioned’ way,
job postings, whether online, in a newspaper, or a trade-magazine.
Then the true struggle begins.

What does it take to rebuild our esteem while looking for new work?

First- train to learn something new.
Unfamiliar with Excel? Want to learn another language?
Take a class at your local community college.
Read... anything!
Find articles about your passion, a hobby, a favorite historical figure.
This will give you something to talk about when you meet new people.
Second- Set up a weekly plan to look for work, exercise, read, learn, and...
Third- volunteer!
Start by helping to feed the homeless at the local shelter.
Help clean up the grounds at your church or a park.

When you DO meet a potential employer,
and they ask what you have been doing since your last job
you will have plenty to share,
such as... learning Spanish, studying Greek architecture, or back-yard gardening.

The second time I was without a job for a long period of time
was after my release prison. But rather than doing nothing...
I began to help my widowed neighbor with her yard maintenance.
Then another neighbor wanted help working on a computer.
And someone shared that I was available for “handy-man” jobs.
Next thing I know, people from all over are asking to pay me
for the simple things they cannot do on their own.

Could you hire yourself out ‘for free’ to the elderly at your church?

Pull some weeds. Wash their car. Clean out the gutters.
Eventually it will turn into something that pays money.

If mowing one yard earns you $20, and you can find four each week,
then you can earn enough to help pay bills at home.

The word will get out, and people will want your help.
Because someone else recommends you.
there is a level of trust that has been established.

And the ‘free’ stuff you have been doing
will earn you an opportunity to work for an income.

Don’t be afraid to take the chance,
by working freely for someone or something
where the assistance is truly needed and appreciated.
You have nothing to lose,
and you will feel better about yourself for helping out someone else!


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