Saturday, June 2, 2012

Is Our Suffering Fair? Part 2

“Many people think that believing in God protects them from trouble,

so when calamity comes - they question God’s goodness and justice.

Faith in God does not guarantee prosperity,

and lack of faith does not guarantee troubles in life.” NIV-LASB

Yesterday I wrote about suffering
which we see in the world each and every day.
(you can read about it HERE)

It is inescapable, yet we somehow believe it is unnatural.
We can go back to the beginning of written history
and we will find countless stories of the suffering of man,
yet something in us says we should never personally experience it.


What makes us think we should be the one and only person
to avoid what every other human has experienced?

Deep down inside of each of us,
where it often goes unspoken,
we have an innate understanding,
that this is not how the world is meant to be.

And here is the truth - You are correct!

God has a better plan for us all,
and it is still unfolding today all around us.
The bible tells many stories of suffering:

  • from the childless years of Abraham & Sarah
  • to the man who would be king, David, and the years he spent running in fear of death from the current king, Saul.
  • Paul, of the new testament suffered many infirmities
  • as did, Christ - and the painful death of the cross.

So if these men and women were made to suffer
to bring about God’s glorious plan on earth,
should we try so hard to evade the same?

Or can we see it as a part of God’s plan in our lives?
Pain is inevitable.
But God can use it for His glory, and our salvation.
Because the plan ends
when we all awake in heaven with Jesus.

This is the entire purpose for our lives here:
to prepare our hearts and minds for the next part,
an eternity with God,
where there is no more pain or suffering!

Put Faith in God above,
and not in your own limited understanding.



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