Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Our Past Can Steal Our Future

Remembering your past failures

is kind of like putting a movie in your mind of all your mistakes

and playing it over and over.

It tortures you to death.

If you stay focused on your past mistakes,

you can't get on with your present,

and God can't use you in the future.

God does not want you focusing on your past.

God says to forget the past.

Don't let your past doubts or guilt keep you from being used by God.

God says, "I don't care what your past is.

I want to use you!" -Rick Warren

I love what Pastor Rick writes here because it is so true!
When I was in prison,
I was surprised by how many men
continued to wallow in their present situations,
never once considering what to do to improve their life.
Yet the irony is I see this continually on the “outside” as well!

If you ever wonder why I continue to write this blog
it is because I see so many people,
men & women, rich & poor, from every ethnic background
finding reasons why “life” is holding them back.
I continually hear, “God is so unfair!”
And the one thing that inspires me most,
is when people work to overcome their “shortcomings”
to make the most with what they have!

Learn to love God for who He is, and what He has done through Christ.
Learn to serve others. Give to those who truly have a need greater than yours.
Work to develop yourself on a regular basis,
whether by taking classes, reading and studying on your own,
or challenging yourself to run a half-marathon.
Do something. ANYTHING!
Believe in yourself - that you CAN make a difference.
Then find one place where you can start today.

Build meaning into your life.
Quit waiting for someone else to show you how.
And most of all... let go of the past.

You cannot change what has already happened,
only work to change that which you are capable of improving for the future.

Worrying about the past
is like giving satan free reign in your mind,
where we do his work for him
by beating ourselves up,
over and over again.


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