Saturday, June 23, 2012

Separation Can Give Us Cause to Doubt

There is an old saying,
“Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”
however I believe that Separation does the opposite.
When we spend time away from a loved one,
say a lover or spouse,
we often grow to resent the time away,
and as a result we may even find suspicion in our heart.

An example:
When we have a deep relationship with one who travels for business,
or spends long periods of time away from home in the military
there is a sense that something in our relationship is missing.
The lack of closeness can give us cause for doubt.
We miss them, but we begin to fear in their absence.
We may begin to suspect that if anything can divide us
then perhaps we are not as important as we once believed.

If this is how our earthly connections may seem,
then how much more is it likely in our relationship with God?

One day, we ‘feel’ or ‘sense’ our Lord walking with us,
then the next moment it seems as if we are alone,
walking lonesomely in a world of ugliness and uncertainty.

Our affinity with another human can leave us like this too;
one day we are on top of the world,
enjoying the closeness we share together.
Yet when they are “gone”, we feel weakened.
Less whole.
As if some amount of our joy has left us.
And then... we feel smaller.
Because all of a sudden we are aware... of being Alone.
But this is not how our Father in Heaven made us!
We are made to walk with Him daily.
Christ has sent the Holy Spirit to guide us and be with us.

There are time when it may appear that we are on our own,
but this is another lie from Satan,
to confuse and misguide us into doubting Jesus’ love for us.

When the periods of uncertainty in life come,
push deeper into God.
Read more of His word.
Pray in new ways.
Ask for others to pray for you, or better yet... to pray with you!
Find new ways to serve,
especially those who need more than you think you are able to give.
Feed the homeless. Help build a house with Habitat for Humanity.
Trust that God will provide a way for you
to keep the ‘wolf of insignificance’ from devouring you.

You are valuable to God!
He has loved you since before your birth.
And no lie of satan can take that away.
Push deeper into your relationship with God
for He has never left you,
but is waiting for you to seek Him.

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