Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Words You Speak Matter - Part 1

What do you tell yourself about life?
When you are all alone, how do you see yourself?
What story do you tell that gives your life meaning?
Are you a Parent?
A Teacher?
A Friend?
What does these “titles” say to you?
Do they come with a “monetary-value”?
Which means, what are these “names” worth to you?
As a parent myself, it is invaluable.
As both a teacher & mentor, it is incalculable.
As a friend, we may only know the true worth
after we have lost the chance to be called a friend.
What if you told yourself a new story?
One that begins by admitting your true worth??
Such as, “I am valuable because... (fill in the blank)?
Do your children and friends speak to you
with love on their lips?
If so, then you are rich!
Do you teach, or create anything new?
Then you are highly useful.
And here is the truth... God made you that way!
To doubt your value for any reason
is to question His design & plan for your life.

Why does it matter if you are “no-good” at these things?
It matters to those who call you by those names.

So today, commit yourself to a new beginning...

become the friend, parent, and teacher

you have always wanted for yourself.

Then open yourself up to God
and let Him show you how to do the rest!
Leave the “performance” review up to Christ,
because with Him, you will become the best version of yourself
you have always desired to be.


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