Monday, July 23, 2012

“Blunders to Wonders”; from Our Daily Bread - July 20, 2012

Artist James Hubbel says, “Mistakes are gifts.”
Whenever he is working on a project and something goes wrong, he doesnt start over. He looks for a way to use the mistake to make something better.

None of us can avoid making blunders, and all of us have favorite ways of dealing with them.
We may try to hide them, or to correct them, or to apologize for them.
We do that with our sins sometimes too. But God doesn't throw us away and start over. He redeems us and makes us better.

The apostle Peter tended to do and say whatever seemed best at the moment. He has been referred to as an “impetuous blunderer.”

In his fear after Jesus was arrested, Peter claimed three times that he did ot know Jesus! Yet later, on the basis of Peters three declarations of love, Jesus turned Peter’s humiliating denial into a wonderful occasion of restoration (John 21:15-19). Despite Peter’s flawed past, Jesus restored him to ministry with these words: “Feed My sheep” (v.17).

If you have made a “blunder” so big that it seems irreversible, the most important matter is whether you love Jesus. When we love Him, Jesus can turn our most serious blunders into awesome wonders. -Julie Ackerman Link  

Lord, I’m so human and make foolish mistakes.

And worse yet, I willfully sin against You.

Please forgive me,

change me, restore me,

and use me for Your name’s sake.


Isn’t this wonderful news!
I know I need this truth told to me continually,
and it never gets old.
But the evil one - satan,
tries to get me to believe the opposite.
Never forget,
our HOPE lies in the Lord Jesus Christ,
and nothing else.


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