Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Freedom to Love, Fight, and Live for Others

A prison-cell reduces your physical freedom.
Addictions limit our ability to live freely.
As does a regular response of violent or angry behavior.
I write about these quite often;
how “these” limit our capability to enjoy life,
and our availability to love others.

When we are incarcerated,
we learn to live in the freedom of our minds.
When we have addictions,
we learn how to overcome and find new ways of enjoying life.
When we are often angry, with outbursts of hostility,
no one wants to be around us because they fear our eruptions.
But when we learn new skills, new ways to think and communicate...
well then we have untold power to choose our responses.
We can become a part of something bigger,
rather than isolated in our stagnancy of repeated outcome.

When I was arrested for my drunk-driving accident,
I vowed to live differently.
My thinking was selfish at first...
to help others so I could quit feeling miserable
about what I had become and how I had hurt others.
But after some time, I began to enjoy helping people.
I liked feeling the release of endorphins as I reached beyond my old self
to find something new I had never encountered...
a heart of service that helps to build up people.

You too have an opportunity to become something new...
Look around where you are now,
then reach out to lend a helping hand.

Last week, I learned of a young man with brain cancer.
You can read more about Jason HERE.
He lives in my neighborhood, and I decided to help.
I did very little, but it was something more than I was used to.

We often avoid the elderly and sick because their lives seem... what?
Messy? Chaotic? Uncertain? Terminal an near their end of life?
Let me tell you a simple thing we often overlook...
we are all going to die.
The question is, what will you do with the time you have remaining?

Will you walk into the messy places to assist other people?
Or will you walk away and hide your face?
Will you reach out to another person and try to make a difference?
Or will you let fear stop you?
Will you allow your past to limit you?

Every life gets messy.
And everyone eventually needs help.
Change your way of thinking,
and enjoy the freedom that comes from loving others,
connecting, living for, and fighting for their needs.
Then enjoy the new you which has yet to be experienced!

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