Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How My Dad Made a Difference, the Wrap-Up

According to Donald Miller’s book - "Father Fiction"
roughly 90% of those currently incarcerated in US prisons
grew up without a father.
For any man, this means regular involvement in your childs life
can make all the difference in keeping them out of prison.

This doesnt say you must be a “perfect father”
or even a “good dad”
it can be simply be understood by one short descriptor...
Show-Up, and get involved.

You may struggle with anger,
a criminal history like mine,
but these cant dismiss the affect you have on your childs life;
to help them see value in themselves.

By admitting to your own faults,
and apologizing for the hurt caused,
you can show them its ok to make a mistake.
Kids are resilient to many of lifes problems
if they know they are cared for, especially by their father.

Can you look past your own hang-ups
to love on your children?

Each day, I am reinvented in the eyes of my daughter.
Not because I am a better man than yesterday,
but because I show her, tell her, and participate in her life.
And what I do to improve our relationship today
will determine not only her outcome in life,
but the memory she has of me in the future.
And when my daughter speaks of me to others,
I want her to smile and feel warm all over!

My own father wasnt flawless
but I have more positive memories of him than negative ones.
And I carry those with me for a lifetime.
Be the best dad you can,
because it will last in their young minds
longer than you can ever hope to have with them today.

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