Saturday, July 7, 2012

How You Decide What is Important

No matter where you are today in life
you are making millions of mental calculations.
Some people call this “self-talk”;
the inner monologue playing in our minds which only we can hear.

This ‘voice’ tells you what is important,
which things to do first, then second, etc.
And which items to delay until later,
or to forget completely as unworthy of your time.

Right now you have a few things of minor importance on your mind,
or perhaps one-single huge idea
that requires all your available “mental-bandwidth”.
Rarely can we process at both levels simultaneously.
I like to believe I can “multi-task” effectively,
but I know I have limitations to my thinking,
like when it comes to a big decision.
Then I have to ‘shut-down’ some mental processes
to make room for the one I want to focus on with all my skill.

What happens when it takes too long?
When the process begins, then seems to end...
yet starts over again at a different point??
This is called worry, and it can be debilitating.

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything.
Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.
Then you will experience God’s peace,
which exceeds anything we can understand.
His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:6-7

I can spend entirely too much time trying to figure things out,
but ultimately it is all futile if it is not Gods will.
When I was arrested for my drunk-driving accident,
I tried to think of everything which could come up;
and it got me nowhere.
The District Attorney had one set of plans,
the judge, police, and my victims all had their own thoughts,
and no matter how great I had previously been at playing “chess”
I could not magically determine every future outcome.

So you know what I did?
I went back to the truth of Gods Word...
that when I focus on and trust in Him, His will prevails.
So I asked God...
“what is most important for me to focus on?”
And you know what His answer was??
“Me. Focus on me. Right now. Later today. And tomorrow.”

When I did this, I began to trust Him more.
My attitude made little sense to my closest friends and attorney,
but an astonishing thing happened in the process...
I began to smile!
I had a new strength that came from outside of me,
because I knew I couldn’t do it all - even with help from others.

God gave me a plan:
to glorify Him everywhere I went,
to love others,
to laugh and smile often,
then to teach and encourage others.
When I do these, and align my life to this vision,
my daily tasks are easier to determine.

“Will taking my daughter to the park today glorify God?
Absolutely! If I focus on loving her as God loves me,
then smile, encourage, and teach her His ways.”
And now, I have more patience when she throws a fit,
when traffic causes me to run late,
or when my small expectation arent met.
Because Gods plans are better than my own,
and I can trust in Him to work all things out!

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