Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My New Post: “Why I Write - 2012”

Each year I go back “to the drawing board”
and I ask myself the all important question,
“Why do I do the things I do?”
And the subtle, quiet question I am asking is this:
“Should I keep pouring out my energy in this particular area,
or give it up and let it go to pursue and focus on something else?”
What makes this question important to You is this:
we all have things to begin working on, but...
which are the things we need to quit?
For now, writing is not one of these areas I will stop.
So, why do I write?
  1. To Connect.
    1. I see too many individuals who see themselves alone, isolated and unloved.
    2. I want people to see themselves as similar to one another, rather than so different that they can never be a part of another person's life. I learned this by watching prisoners living in, and coming out of incarceration. You can be a housewife, truck driver, pastor, businessman, homeless, student, athlete, government employee, politician, military, entertainer, or legal aide, and the fact is the same - at some point you will need the loving support of someone else. You will question your life, and your purpose in the world.
  2. To Teach. Your needs are important, as are mine, and we are all a part of this world at this period of history. How you live affects those nearby, and the one who live after you. Are you willing to learn a new way of living that changes not only your life today, but the life of others for a better tomorrow? Will you see others as important, choosing to do something outside of your own interests?
  3. To Inspire.
    1. I have seen hearts broken inside healthy bodies. There is no greater sorrow for me than to see people live without any direction, twisting in the wind as times goes by, only to die without ever knowing anything beyond themselves, or the joy of a life well-lived.
    2. I have seen broken bodies set afire inside by a heart renewed. We can thrive when people speak words of encouragement to us, and so we can die inside when all we hear are the words of discouragement. Planting seeds that grow into a beautiful harvest is a rich reward for any life touched by grace found inside.
  4. To share Christ. In the end, whatever we do will fade from existence. Even my own children will eventually pass from this world, leaving nothing I do to last. But God, who sent His own son Jesus Christ to die for us all, will last far beyond this life. In the brevity of life, this the only lasting significance I can ever consider worth living for.


Are you and I that different?
Do you and I matter?
Can we learn from one another?
Can we “feed” others?
Whether with food for physical nourishment,
or words of spiritual sustenance,
we need both to grow.


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