Monday, July 2, 2012

Releasing Fear Allows Others to Better See Us

Do you connect with others very easily?
When I am hurting, I tend to withdraw.
It is then I see other people as “outsiders”
who don’t know my frustrations, my hurts, my fears.
Jon Acuff wrote a great post about God and our fears.
You can read more about it HERE. 
Essentially, Jon says God doesnt rest in our fears.
My summary may be wrong, but here is another interpretation...
our fears limit God and the ability for Him to use us or others.

In other words, if I am fearful of my ability to successfully help others
so that I never attempt to do anything
then I am limiting how God can use me in their life.
I have then decided my own worth,
and reduced it to something unworthy of Christ's name on my heart.

The same is true when other people want to help you.
Do you keep people at arms length?
Never letting anyone too close for fear of becoming too vulnerable??
Then you may have unknowingly decided you know better than God,
and have essentially cut-off yourself from the help He so wants to provide you.

Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,
but that doesn’t mean He has anything less than His best best planned for you!

When I was arrested for my drunk-driving accident
it was my nature to try and keep it quiet.
But when I awoke the next day to ask God for His guidance,
He showed me how I had to proceed... by opening myself up to others.
Did anyone tell me how foolish I had been to drive drunk?
But more people showed up to offer a helping hand.
And years later, still others want to hear how I survived the ordeal.
You know how?
By relying on God for everything.

It is only when I try to limit Him,
by doing everything myself,
or hiding myself away from the world
in a state of “fearfully fake security”
that I truly separate myself from Gods provision.

He wants to love you,
and use you to love others.
Will you let Him??


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