Thursday, July 19, 2012

Standing Strong Against Foes, both Near and Far

When you look at making a change in your life
there will be many who oppose you.
Some close to you will do so outrightly
stating in no uncertain terms
that your “past” will never release its grip on you
and therefore your future is impossible to attain.

In the bible, Joshua & Caleb faced those who opposed them
to the point of near death by stoning.
(You can read more of their story HERE.)

Joshua & Caleb believed God had a plan for their people,
and they worked hard to see His plan unfold.
The problem was the doubt of the others with them.
These had a lack of faith which cost them dearly...
forty years of wandering in the desert.

For most, it meant the end of their lives
were spent as a lost sheep,
questioning themselves, and their role in Gods story.

Many of us make the mistake of believing a lie;
that God cannot use us, nor that He wants to.

Instead, we may have wandered too far on our own
and away from His best plan for us.
Then, when we discover this lapse,
we are so far removed from Gods desired life for us
that we have no idea of how to return
and get back to the place where we can reclaim what we are missing.
In this place, we feel desolate, broken, alone, lost and without hope.
The trials of life can be used to test us so we can improve,
or these trials can break us down, tearing us apart at the seams.
How do we mend?
How do we pick up the pieces and move forward into a new life??
Rediscover God.
Learn His will for your life,
by first living for Him.

God will show you the desires of your heart that are in line with His will,
and He will provide a path to attain the goals HE wants you to reach.
But we must do the hard work to reach it.

Will you stand on your own if necessary?
Or will you cave to the pressure of those who doubt??

How far would you go to support
what you believe about God?

If you have sought guidance from God
then trust in Him,
and be willing to stand strong
against any opposition.

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