Saturday, August 11, 2012

My New Post: "How to Love the World in a Transformative Way"

I will start by saying that this idea is not originally from me.
I have read about this concept from many writers
but most importantly, I believe it was originated by Christ.
Let me share what I mean...

We don’t love the world by condemning it,
but by loving those who are lost in it.

We dont love the world by becoming like it,
but by living as an example for it.

We walk into the places most people avoid and live out Christ,
even if other Christians wont.

We become to the world what it cannot do on its own...
living out of joy that doesn't come from ourselves.

We teach Christ and His redemptive love.

We love the unlovable, and embrace the hideous.

We live against the world to live for it.

“Christ did not invite the world into the church,
but invited the church into the world,”
to live for it through sacrifice,
just as He modeled it.

Where are you most reluctant to go?
Would you be uncomfortable with a war criminal?
The banker who stole millions of dollars?
The politician who used power for his own gain?

Each still needs to know Christ.
Will you share Him with them?

What about those who are dying,
the ones who are thin and ugly?
Can you overcome your own repulsion
to love the unlovable?

We are all dying...
most are dying to know absolute love,
and Christ is giving it out in abundance!
Will you?

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