Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Post: “Living to be Right, OR Living to Care?”

Too many times
have I seen the 'law' used as a reason
for being unkind to another human being.

You may ask, “but what do you mean?
How have you seen someone treated so?”
Many times throughout history,
and still it occurs today in subtle ways.
Someone is arrested,
their crime may be severe,
like rape,
or it may be minimal,
like shoplifting,
but the result is the same...
they earn a criminal record.
But now, we dont want to give them another chance.
The acceptable “rules” say we dont have to, or cannot hire them.

Perhaps they are kept from renting an apartment,
or extended a student loan to better themselves.
How is this helping someone change, heal, and improve?

To take a look at this from another viewpoint...
which sins did Christ say were the worst?
Was it homosexuality?
Sex outside of marriage?
Murder? Stealing?
Or was it being a hypocrite??
(Saying you stand for ‘something’, then living the opposite way.)

Christ came to save the sinner, and the criminal,
of which I am both.
And now that I am redeemed by faith through Jesus,
I dont want to ever live for myself again.
So when someone asks me to speak out against same sex marriage,
I wont do it.
Instead, I will consider going to the hospital,
to hold a cold washcloth
against the head of someone dying of AIDs.
Tell me this, which makes more sense...
standing over someone with the Bible in my hand and wagging my finger,
or loving on them?


“judgment without mercy will be shown to anyone who has not been merciful. Mercy triumphs over judgment.” James 2:13 

Have you ever been ‘mistreated’
for a mistake in your past?
If it was by my hand or mouth,
then please accept my apology.
And may God forgive me for my stubborn judgmentalism.


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