Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Post: "Having to Look for Work"

Since being released, I haven’t always had a job.
And it takes a toll on a person no matter who you are.
Work helps to give us meaning and a purpose for every day.
Sure, I found ways to stay busy.
But it wasn’t until my attitude changed
that I began to see myself anew...
I had to adopt a new identity.

In my past, I had often helped people
through work issues and personal struggles.
So I asked a personal coach who is a friend of mine
what it meant for him to help others.
The precise words of his response escape me now,
but the emotion of it remains with me...
“I get to help people see a new possibility in life.”

The thing I resonate with most
is the similarity of what Christ had to say about you and me...
the former person is gone, and we are a new creation in Him.

To create a new piece of art means to start from nothing,
but as with Christ, a personal coach has to help people
by having them get past who they used to be.
It is more than any one area:
It is our new words and actions,
our new thoughts and beliefs,
it is the new people we hang around,
it is the new ways we learn to relax and have fun,
and it is a new plan for the future.

I learned to see each day as an opportunity to learn and help others.
Did you catch that?
Part of my new identity is... a helper of others.
You can do the same.
Wether you have no job, what do you have that you CAN offer?
Wash a neighbors car.
Pick-up trash at the park.
Sit with someone who lost a loved one.

“People dont care how much you know,

until they know how much you care.” -John Maxwell.

I learned to listen and encourage,
and soon I was teaching, mentoring, and coaching men.
You may not have an education,
but that doesnt diminish your ability to assist in some way.

Become the helper that other people need,
and soon you will have a new identity...
as others begin to see you through Christ.

Soon then, you will have a team of supporters,
as you reach out more to support others!


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