Thursday, August 9, 2012

New Post: "Living With Grace in the Highs and Lows of Life"

Is your life good?
Or do you struggle in the day-to-day demands??
Faith in our everyday lives can be challenging
when we dont see things as “perfect.”

Our emotions are far from perfect,
as are the results of each project and personal encounter.

We won the race, but soon after is isnt satisfying enough.
Or rather, we lost the race and then feed our negative emotions.
We have the most affluent society in history
yet somehow we still seem discontent.

Melancholy is defined as a mournful, sorrowful, and despondent.
Or more commonly called: sadness.
And yet somehow, we seem to think this to be abnormal.

Have we in US society decided what is best for everyone else?
Yes. In fact we export “mental illness”,
introducing psychology to a world that has never known it.

We say, “pain is bad”. “Depression is bad.”
And we tell everyone they need pills to help.
Should we help deaden the pain and sadness each person feels,
or should we introduce them to a better reason for living?

It is diifcult to find any reason on our own,
so there is a good chance you will have to tell others...
The real meaning of life is to love God and others!

Have you left your family better off today?
Perhaps you werent “perfect” the last time you were all together,
but will they remember the mistakes, or the overall love you shared?

When I was in prison, it was easy to become “sad”,
yet I believed God would not leave me there.
Instead I prayed to Him and asked for opportunities to help others.
The purpose of life is not my own happiness,
nor is it to avoid the painful moments we all share.

Everyone dies. So shall we mourn them forever?
Or, should we help the next generation recover from their loss??

I recently read this from an author I enjoy,
“consider the irony of this moment: I have everything I could hope for,
yet I'm unable or unwilling to share. I feel guilty and unsettled.”

Do you think he is missing God’s reason for life??
You werent made to be happy all the time.
You were made to share your life with others.
To worship God, and to live out His calling:
to love Him and others as Christ loved us.
And in this there is Joy for a lifetime!

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