Thursday, August 23, 2012

Recovering From Failure

How well do you recover from a huge mistake?

Peter failed to acknowledge Christ.
Saul persecuted those who follow Christ.
King David broke Gods law, and His heart.
Where did they end up?
Was God still able use them, even after their failures?
Apparently, God was not done with them yet.

God used even their weakness to illustrate His own strengths...
of unlimited mercy, love, and even justice.

Now, lets contrast Moses with Judas Iscariot.
Each had walked with the Lord;
Moses had seen Gods glory,
and his face was illuminated as a result,
while Judas walked with Christ and witnessed many miracles.
But what is their difference?
Judas hung himself to death,
and was unable to do anything else for Gods kingdom.
However, Moses was able to continue adding value
by leading the people and mentoring Joshua.
Was it easy for him? Especially after learning he had let God down??
Moses actions would keep him from entering the Promised Land,
but it did not detract from the plan God had for his life...
to prepare the people and Joshua, in spite of his failure.

Do you think God could have used Judas? Even after the betrayal??
I do.
What a story that would have been!
Think about it compared to the redemption of Peter,
who denied Christ three times, was forgiven, and given an assignment.

Judas could have done the same,
but his faith was focused on his own inability
and not the unlimited ability of Christ.

The same is true for you and me.
God can use us no matter how bad we have screwed up.

Whatever mistakes you have made,
God can redeem to make your life sing a new song for Him!

Will you have faith in Him,
even if you lack faith in yourself??

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