Saturday, September 8, 2012

New Post: "You are right... I am not completely here with you."

Ever find someone doesnt believe they have your full “attention”?
When a person points out your ‘half-heartedness’,
how do you respond?

Most of us justify our behavior.
We say things like, “I am just tired”, or
“well, I have alot on my mind.”
The there is the ubiquitous, “I was listening... honest!”
Wow. Tough call. What do you next??
Do you lie? Perhaps embellish on a life story?
Or do you get defensive??

I dont like it when I am called out for being distracted,
especially if it is my wife!
But too often me make light of the situation,
as if it is no big deal...
then we move on as if the other person has a “problem”
and we bare no fault of our own.
But here is the thing,
when we cannot take the time to focus on those who speak to us
we build a pattern of disinterest
until every person we come across feels the same way...
that we just dont care!

If this is the case for you,
that you truly dont care about other people
then please... stay home!
We dont need more fake people in the world
diluting the life we so need to share with others.

I want real relationships,
even if they come with messy problems!

And here is the truth...
if we dont learn to deal with messy problems now,
then later, when things in life get worse,
we wont know how to handle it with those people we care about most.

The reality of life is this... God didnt say it would be easy.
Christ didnt tell us to be loving to some people, and to reject others.
Jesus said (paraphrase):

“Learn to love others,

just as I have loved you.”

My interpretation of how we should do this?
Make other people important.
Give them your time.
Give them your attention, focused and undiluted.
Show them that they matter,
by caring for them enough to listen.
Put your own interests second.

We wont be perfect at this each and every time.
So I have learned how to humble myself and acknowledge them,
I say, "You are correct... I am not completely here with you."
And then I apologize.
I may even ask for them to start over - because they are important to me.
And I dont want to miss that which is important to them!

Just as Jesus did, we are to learn to love all people.
It is the job of a lifetime.


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