Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Post: "What Are You HERE For?"

I know too many people who have no idea what they are “here to do”.
We are a generation unsatisfied with the lives of our parents.
Having watched them for years, we fear to repeat their lives.
Their time spent to earn more money,
money spent to purchase more “things”,
and more therapy sessions designed to help us find more comfort.

We have grown suspicious of “big-institutions”
and the 'knowledge' of all previous generations,
because surely if they were enlightened...
then we wouldnt be in the state of discontent we find so many are now.
But what if I told you this;

You are Supposed to be unsatisfied with where you are now.

If this life moment in time is meant to be all we could ever hope for
then we would never have to struggle for meaning.
We would live “contented”  lives...
and yet we would stand for nothing; fight for nothing; and be known for nothing different.

I do not mean we should complain more. That wont help us here today.
What I mean is we need to press ourselves further to find what makes us glad to be alive.

Are you afraid to do something different from the “normal” people in life?
Fearful of standing-out from the crowd?
Seeming strange to others??
Maybe that will be because you are seeking to find something different,
rather than following the “lemmings off the cliff”.

“There is no attraction to being normal or ordinary. In fact, that's a terrifying prospect.” -Dan Miller in “Wisdom Meets Passion”

Where do you start?
First, get out of your normal routine and find a place to begin helping out.
Seek those less fortunate than yourself, and offer yourself to their service.

"There is no more noble occupation in the world than to assist another human being." - Alan Loy McGinnis

The Joy of Helping Others - can become viral as their smiles fill us with warmth.
Ever notice how little we smile?
Perhaps it is because we have forgotten why we should like our life.
Where can you begin?
Special Olympics Volunteers “shadow” athletes, making the games possible.

If you are a single man, I want you to know this, most volunteers are women.
Does that mean you should volunteer or attend to meet women?? NO.
BUT, it does mean you will be more likely to meet someone you enjoy being around
when you are both doing something that brings joy to so many others.

Find a reason for being HERE,
and you will find a new passion for living-
then your light will shine so bright that it can be seen for miles around!


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