Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Post: "Going Back Inside Prison"

Someone recently asked me if I have gone back ‘inside’ yet,
to minister to and connect with the same people I supposedly love.
My answer was, “No, because I cannot.” 

You see, I am not allowed to go back... yet.
State law says I must wait five years after being off “supervision”,
or as many people understand it, any form of parole or probation. 

It was implied that I do not “walk-the-talk”,
that I preach well, but dont DO.
Did I get angry? No.
And not because the person misunderstood my capabilities,
but because I DO what I can right where I am,
in the way God designed me,
and with the tools He makes available. 

I dont bother getting mad about that which I cannot control,

but instead I do whatever God allows me with where I am today.

If anything, I am afraid I may miss some great circumstances to help others,
because of the good ways in which I do so now.

If I was to ask God for help with anything right now,
I would ask for more wisdom, courage, and strength,
to pursue the great opportunities,
and to release the weak ones... even if they are “good”.

Have you ever heard of the movie “Schindler’s List”?
In my abbreviated description,
it tells the story of a man who had wealth and power,
and he used every last scrap of each to save people’s lives.
Yet in the end, he wished he could have done more.

I may never be faced with anything so huge,
but I want that kind of faith in my own life.
To seize the opportunity to help a fellow man,
and to let go of the things which will vanish and fade away:
legacy, fame, fortune, power, and influence.

In the end of all things, we each catch the same fatal disease,
And when that day comes, I will see my maker.
So it is all about Him, and I want to do all I can,
to reach others who need to know His love,
and to love Him as the one who deserves glory and honor.

What will you give to reach others for Christ?


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