Saturday, September 15, 2012

New Post: "We Cannot Thrive in Isolation"

Lately I have been writing about the most important issues God had placed on my heart,

One in specific is - Connecting with other people.

I believe God had called us all to live our lives in community,

with both believers, and non-believers alike.

Hiding ourselves from one group or the other makes us less effective.

I know How much I enjoy spending time with fellow believers,

as well as family and friends, however...

if I keep myself from interacting with anyone else,

then I fail to live out my mission for Christ.

If I live only among those who are healed by Christ,

then do I forget the pain of those who still have yet to know Him?

And just because I connect with others,

learning more about them and their struggles,

do I equally share about my own issues & challenges?

In other words, am I owning up to the things

where I need help from God and other people?

I can share the Word of God with others,

but if I neglect to share how He is working in my life right now,

then am I seen as living the faith I profess so willingly?

And will I ask for their prayers and help?

When I pray for another man at the homeless shelter,

I want him to know I haven't figured it all out yet,

and that I still need Christ and other believers - everyday!

So I in turn share my own struggles,

and then ask for him to pray for me.

You know what, it allows them to be a part of Gods work,

by showing that he too can join the Holy Spirit,

by asking for God to work in our lives, the Body of Christ.

We can't live a healthy life in isolation.

I have watched the deterioration of men in prison,

and I see the same sad slide of people in society as well,

living outside of the place God meant for each of us...

where among His people we can be a part of Gods blessings!

Don't deny one other the opportunity to pray for each other,

for then we are each at work with God in doing His will on earth!

(This post was written on an iPad while I was traveling by plane,

so if anyone knows how to format this better, please let me know!)

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